About Us

"STAMPO" was established in 1980 and the main field was in manufacturing molds.Those molds were made out of excellent quality and fully responded to the demands of industry. Nowdays after 35 years of following up step by step the technological evolution investing on equipment and on technological knowledge "STAMPO" has matured and is enlisted on the top of the most trust-worthy sub-constracting companies.

Its manufacturing ability is one of the most trust-worthy in all types of molds: 
punching - cutting - injection - compression


  • Mori Seiki Duracenter 5
  • AgieCharmilles CUT 300 with OMS
  • Charmilles Roboform 35
  • Charmilles HD30 CNC
  • Laser Sisma BSS 3D with rotary spindle
  • Mitutoyo 574 Crysta Plus CMM
  • Tesa Visio 300GL
  • Conventinal machines (turning, grinding etc)
  • Software Siemens NX with MDW and PDW
  • Vero Edgecam and PEPS



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